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Ally elegance to innovation and modernity, inscribe a contemporary imprint, offer luxury at an afforable price : G. Gagnebin & Cie watches take to heart staying faithful to the essence of values that made their reputation throughout their history.
Since its establishing in 1932, in the Swiss Jura, G. Gagnebin & Cie has striven to produce high-quality watches, furnishing its models with the most reliable and precise mechanical movements. Now as ever, G. Gagnebin & Cie timepieces tick to the rhythm of these same mechanical movements, though of course enriched with current technology.

Eight decades after the establishing of G. Gagnebin & Cie, the fourth generation of the family restarts, in 2014, the company G. Gagnebin and produces its first collection of men’s watches. Proud to carry such a famous name in the world of watchmaking, the founder’s great-grandsons are animated with a double ambition : bring the work of their ancestors back to life and create a brand which carries the name of Gagnebin. Their aspiration? Pay tribute to a great family of watchmakers, their family, never to this day represented as a watch brand.
A star, a symbol of perennity...


G. Gagnebin & Cie does not deny in any way the language of Molière and considers it as the real expression of luxury. That is why technical information engraved on the bottom of our watches and on the dial are in French.


The logo, a star that is slightly radiated on its sides – draws inspiration in various elements of the family heritage. The star appears on the coat of arms of Gagnebin. This symbol accompanies then the history of this family, whose origins date back to the 15th century. The star is also in the heart of the life of the famous naturalist Abraham Gagnebin : it is he who discovers, at the beginning of the 18th century, the fossil of an extremely rare five-armed starfish, which he names « Ophiomusium gagnebini ». This discovery seals the link between the Gagnebin family and the starry symbol.